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Honest review of the ProSnore snoring mouthpiece

By Sam Kappel

I am going to share with you my overview and review of the ProSnore mouthpiece for snoring. This is for anyone looking for more information for this mouth guard for snoring.

Proven to get rid of or reduce snoring, the mouth guard is becoming popular with many people. It also is a great remedy for some sleep apnea cases.

Who is the face behind Pro Snore? It was designed and developed by renowned dentist Dr. Gregerson. He is a board member of the American Dental Association. He realized how successful he and others were at treating snoring with these oral devices his practice made. The only problem is, that these dental devices he was making cost the customer $1000-$2000. He decided to design one that worked the same, but cost consumers a fraction of that price.

Snoring is caused when the muscles and tissues of the mouth relax too much and block the airway passage. The ProSnore helps prevent this blockage from happening. When the airway get's blocked by the tissues of the mouth it makes it harder to breathe. When air is forced into the lungs the tissues that are blocking the airway rattle. The sound of snoring occurs when they are rattling.

The Pro Snore helps snoring and sleep apnea by adjusting the lower jaw forward. By adjusting the jaw forward it prevents the tissues from falling far enough back to block the airway. This simple mouthpiece helps prevent snoring and obstructive sleep apnea symptoms.

I am going to share with you some of the positives of this snore mouth guard. The device is relatively cheap compared to CPAP machines and surgery. It is a great alternative to the CPAP and surgery as well. It has been shown to completely eliminate or reduce snoring symptoms. By wearing it, you help increase oxygen levels and airflow to the lungs. The mouthpiece is also custom sized to fit comfortably.

This mouthpiece is not perfect and has some minor flaws. It may not work for everyone that uses it. It can take up to four weeks to receive your customized mouthpiece. It can take time to get use to while sleeping. It also may not be comfortable for everyone as well.

To conclude my Pro Snore review, I am giving this four out of five stars. This snoring mouthpiece is not perfect. Even though there are plenty of great benefits, it still has some downfalls. This snoring treatment option may not work for everyone, but it does work for many.

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